Can creative designers also be exemplary coders?

Virtus News   •   October 22, 2019

VAh, now that is a great question. I was asked this question by a client and my honest answer was not usually. It has been my experience that the analytical vs creative brain struggle is real. I have found in my 15 plus years of working in an industry that requires not only a creative design skill set but also requires some serious coding know how, generally speaking, finding someone who is an expert at both of these things is rare. Now I know that the right brain vs left brain theory is in question so possibly this comes down to a preference issue and what you are more passionate about you will spend more time developing that skill set.

Why is a question left to the psychology world but when I have an associate that speaks HTML5 they do not usually speak CMYK as fluently.

Hire a Team

With that said, if you are in need of a website that has some in depth functionality and requires some real coding know how I would try and find a team or firm that employs experts on both sides of the cerebral cortex.

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Here is some more info put out by Psychology Today that debunks the right brain vs left brain theories but I still have to wonder why a brilliant team member that can guesstimate the next new algorithm updates coming from google will put together a home page design that looks like they tried LSD for the first time right before putting it together.

Right Brain Vs Left Brain is a Myth